May 2009

Check out my introductory post on investment time horizons. Investment goals such as retirements are long (hopefully) term events. If you are 55 years old and are planning to retire in 5 years then you should have a portion of your investment portfolio set aside which will have a short term horizon and therefore will […]

One of the big sales points for index funds and etfs (exchange traded funds) is that they have low expense ratios (ie they cost less) compared to actively managed funds and therefore will perform better (at least that’s the theory).  This is a very important concept for passive or index investing but it’s important to […]


by ABC editor

One of the investment asset classes that gets a fair bit of press coverage is commodities.  What are commodities you ask?  Basically they are raw materials that are mined, grown and used in construction and manufacturing items like cars.  The definition is any material or produce that is consistent in quality and type.  It doesn’t […]