Guide To ABCs of Investing

by ABC editor

Hi there, welcome to ABCs of Investing – there are lots of short, informative investing article on this site.

I’ve taken the liberty of grouping the articles into categories, which are listed on their own pages.? Links to all those pages are provided below.? Enjoy!

  • Investment accounts – 401k, Roth IRA, 529, traditional IRA, TSA.
  • Stocks – Various topics.
  • Dividend stocks – What are dividends, cash or reinvest, dividend yield, dividend increases.
  • Index funds and ETFs – The basics of index funds and ETFs.
  • Financial planning – Financial goals, investment policy statement, investment time horizon, safe investment witdrawal rate.
  • Bonds and fixed income – Interest payments, types, effect from interest rates, CDs, money market funds, tax-free municipal bonds, TIPs, junk bonds.
  • Asset allocation – Asset classes, strategies, rebalancing, diversification.
  • Investing – Discount brokerages, bull markets, MER, transfer-in-cash, transfer-in-kind, hedge funds, commodities, dollar cost averaging, forex, REITs.
  • Economics – GDP, inflation, recession, CPI.
  • Mutual funds – Target date funds, balanced funds.
  • Stock market indexes – Stock market exchange, stock market index, different types.
  • Investing methodologies – Index investing, growth, value, bottoms up, top down, timing the market, technical analysis.
  • Tax articles – Capital gains, losses, taxable and non-taxable accounts, tax brackets.

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