July 2009

If you are not familiar with fixed income investments then click here for an introduction to fixed income investments. Fixed income investments are defined as securities that have a regular fixed return or payment associated with them such as bonds. Here are some risks to consider when investing in fixed income investments. Inflation Ė Because […]

“Blue Chip” Stocks

by ABC editor

Companies that are large with solid earnings increasing over time and long histories are considered to be “blue chip” in nature.† The theory behind investing in such companies is that you will hopefully get regular stock price increases and/or dividend increases but there won’t be much risk.† The term comes from casinos where the blue […]

This topic is little more advanced than usual for this blog so try to learn the main points and donít worry about all the details.† If you are not familiar with stock indexes then please read this post on stock market indexes first. Market Value-Weighted Index The most common type of index is called market […]