December 2009

Fixed Income Investments

by ABC editor

Fixed income investments are a type of investment or investment asset class that is made up of securities that have a fixed price and pay some sort of interest at regular intervals.� Here are some examples of fixed income investments: Bonds – There are many different types of bonds but one of the more famous […]

Foreign Exchange Trading

by ABC editor

Foreign exchange or forex rates determine what you get when you swap one currency for another. Tourists going abroad need foreign exchange, an import firm has to keep up with currency conversion rates to pay for purchases overseas, and multinationals need to keep tabs on multi-currency operations. Currencies are actively traded in the fast-paced and […]

Private equity is capital infused into a company without going through an issue of publicly traded stocks or bonds. The money comes from well funded investors � be they individual high-net worth investors or venture capital funds – who seek early entry into a promising start-up in need of seed capital or a young firm […]