September 2010

Here are some general investing topics. What is investing? Online discount brokerages Bull and bear stock markets Investment real return MER – management expense ratio Transfer-in-cash Transfer-in-kind What are hedge funds? What are commodity investments? Dollar cost averaging Financial statement analysis Foreign exchange or forex trading What is the difference between small cap and large […]

Here is a list of the posts on this site dealing with economics. These are four common and useful terms to learn. GDP – Gross Domestic Product Inflation Recession CPI – Consumer Price Index

Here are a few mutual fund posts. What are mutual funds? – Basic explanation of mutual funds. Target date retirement funds – These funds change their risk profile as you get older. Balanced mutual funds – Combination of stocks and bonds.

All individual stocks are traded on stock exchanges. Whether you own individual stocks, index funds, etfs or mutual funds – these articles are important to read. What is a stock market exchange? What is a stock market index? Different types of stock market indexes More information on stock market indexes